Welcome to the Grove

Robert (Bobby) Shellenberger worked in restaurants for over 13 years, performing every task short of owning one. When he was approached by his loyal, regular customers who were starving for a fun neighborhood spot that they could bring their families for a good meal, an idea sparked for Bobby. Having been taught to cook by his mother and having a master craftsman for a father, Bobby decided to undertake opening a restaurant fit for his own family.

In June of 2005, Bobby, then a newly-wed with his first child on the way, set about the daunting task of converting a run-down service station into a community gathering place. It took Bobby working alongside his father seven months to complete the transformation that combined elements of some of Bobby's favorite bars and restaurants as well as the spirit of the Oak Grove community.

Upon opening in January 2006, The Grove quickly became a favorite place to meet friends, have a good drink and even better food. With an expansive menu that has something for everyone and specials still cooked by Bobby himself, The Grove creates an atmosphere that suits Bobby's belief that "no one should leave hungry."